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    Discover our cult products, approved by the many members of our community. Be it the Night oil, the Anti-blemish serum, or the Radiance Peeling Mask, there's something for every skin type.

    Night Repair Oil
    This 100% natural concentrate of 14 super-ingredients activates the vital functions of your skin.
    58 €
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    Light Up Cream
    A new way to illuminate your skin without makeup.
    38 €
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    Make Up Remover Cleansing Oil
    A cleansing oil that cleanses and purifies the skin without damaging the hydrolipidic film.
    22 €
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    Anti-Blemish Serum
    An ultra-concentrated serum to fight against imperfections.
    28 €
    Quartz Gua Sha
    A tool to be used from all angles for a long-lasting firming action.
    25 €
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    Light Up Duo
    An expert duo enriched with AHAs and Niacinamide for instant glow and radiance!
    58 €
    Double Cleansing Duo
    A duo of shock for a soothed skin, purified and gently cleansed.
    40 €
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    Every season oil
    A nomadic oil to take everywhere.
    34 €
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    Quartz Roller
    Give your face a workout with our Quartz Roller to tone and lift the oval of the face.
    28 €
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    Radiance Peeling Mask
    Enriched with glycolic acid, lactic acid and fruit enzymes (AHA), deeply exfoliates.
    28 €

    Clean and Vegan Skincare

    Clean Beauty born in Paris

    Nice to see you here! Our main is to create simple, accessible skincare products such as facial creams or facial serums for women everywhere. We are also experts in facial gym or face yoga to prevent signs of aging without botox. For that reason, we've created a collection of carefully curated face tools (gua shas, face rollers, and a few new tools). On our e-shop you can find all your essentials according to your skin type: masks, serums, creams, oils, lotions, cleansers.