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    Face tools and Accessories

    Our face tools are facial massage tools to drain, smooth and sculpt your features. They are available in quartz, jade and opal, depending on your skin's needs. Rollers decongest, stimulate and smoothe the skin. Gua Shas drain and firm. The Twin Ball Massager and the massage ball help eliminate toxins and muscular tensions accumulated during the day.

    Twin Ball Massager
    100% handcrafted, eco-designed, and Made in France, the perfect tool for lymphatic drainage.
    32 €
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    Face Massage Ball
    Our massage ball is perfect to work on your face muscles for an immediate tightening effect.
    16 €
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    Clean and Vegan Skincare

    Clean Beauty born in Paris

    Nice to see you here! Our main is to create simple, accessible skincare products such as facial creams or facial serums for women everywhere. We are also experts in facial gym or face yoga to prevent signs of aging without botox. For that reason, we've created a collection of carefully curated face tools (gua shas, face rollers, and a few new tools). On our e-shop you can find all your essentials according to your skin type: masks, serums, creams, oils, lotions, cleansers.