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    Eye patches
    Eye patches
    Eye patches
    Eye patches
    Eye patches
    Eye patches
    Eye patches

    eye patches

    The ideal solution to instantly hydrate and smooth the eye area.

    Discover the first eye patches that can be reused over and over again. Their goal? to boost the effectiveness of your eye cream, our eye patches boost the penetration of active ingredients for optimal absorption. Combine them with your usual eye contour cream.

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    How to use this product

    • Apply a small amount of your eye cream or serum by massaging gently.
    • Stick the patch on the eye contour with the larger part towards the outside of the face.
    • Leave on for about 10 minutes. Live your life!
    • Remove the patch, wash it under warm water with or without soap and put it back in its metal box for a better conservation.
    • Result: A plumped and moisturized eye contour.


    SILICONE : Unlike the silicone found in some cosmetic formulas, the silicone used in our patches is safe for health and has no effect on the environment. It can be used over and over again.

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