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    Opal Roller

    Soothe and regenerate your skin with our opal face roll-on! Its two massage rollers, both composed of Opal, help you work on different areas of your face.

    Result : skin is hydrated, stimulated and regenerated.

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    Opal Roller

    28,00 €
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    When used daily along with your Seasonly skincare, our Opal Roller:

    ∙ Hydrates skin
    ∙ Stimulates cell regeneration
    ∙ Boosts blood circulation
    ∙ Optimizes your skincare products efficiency


    Opal : Opal is known for its calming and soothing effects. It can contain up to 30% of water, which helps promote the hydration of the skin. It also contributes to its regeneration and its elasticity.

    Complet ingredient list: Opal

    How to ?

    • Massage your face a few minutes a day with the roller to firm and tone
    • Use the Opal Roller after applying your face serum or cream to boost their benefits
    • Pro tip: Put your Roller in the fridge to refresh your face and depuff the eye contours more intensely.

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