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    Jade Gua Sha

    The jade gua sha is the expert tool that promotes drainage and toxin elimination. Its shape fits the jaw and facial curves for deep drainage.

    Used daily with your Seasonly skincare, Gua sha jade helps to:

    ∙ Reduces tensions in the face muscles
    ∙ Eliminate toxins
    ∙ Drain the oval of the face

    Result: Drained and purified skin. Blemish-free skin.

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    Jade Gua Sha

    25,00 €
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    Jade : Jade is a stone known for its soothing action, its ability to eliminate toxins and reduce dark circles, while decongesting the face.

    Complet ingredient list: Jade

    How to ?

    • With the wide tip, smooth from the cheek, under the chin to the collarbones. Then massage the back of the neck from top to bottom.
    • With the Gua Sha flat along the cheek, stretch from the inside to the outside to smooth the cheekbones towards the temples.
    • Using the thinnest corner, smooth from the outer corner of the eye to the hairline to smooth out crow's feet.
    • With the large tip, massage the forehead from the center outward. Immediate smoothing effect!

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