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    Body Sculpt Duo
    Body Sculpt Duo
    Body Sculpt Duo
    Body Sculpt Duo
    Body Sculpt Duo

    body sculpt duo

    The perfect bundle to sculpt & firm up your body all year long.
    This expert duo is for anyone who wants to take care of their body and give lymphatic massage a try. Take your body sculpting routine to the next level with daily body sculpting sessions.

    When used as a duo, our Quartz Gua Sha and Every-Season Oil promote:

    ∙ Blood & lymphatic circulation,
    ∙ The release of muscle tension,
    ∙ Skin hydration thanks to our complex of 5 super-oils.

    Result: The massaged areas are drained, toned, and firmed up. The skin is deeply nourished and sublimated.

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    How to use this product

    • Apply oil on clean dry skin, on parts you want to massage (legs, arms, nape of the neck, etc...).
    • Glide Gua Sha up and down the area with moderate pressure.


    Blueberry seed : Full of vitamin C and antioxidant

    Sunflower Seed : Source of Vitamin E and antioxidant

    Soy Oil : Vitamin A, D et E, and antioxidant

    Roucou seeds : Source of Vitamin E and antioxidant

    Jojoba Oil : Nourishes and protects skin.

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