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    routine Dry Skin

    Do you often experience discomfort and itchiness on your skin? Are you bothered by the persistent dryness marks and uneven texture? Worry no more! Our specially designed routine is here to provide relief to even the driest of skins. Say goodbye to the discomfort and hello to smooth and nourished skin.

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    • Makeup Removing Oil

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    • Rehydrating Face Jelly Mask

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    • Rich moisturising cream

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    • Hydrating Booster

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    • Night Repair Oil - 15 ml.

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    Key ingredients

    Acacia seeds

    Acacia seeds boast an impressive concentration of vital lipids and antioxidants. The biomimetic components present in these seeds imitate the molecules naturally generated by the skin. This mimicking effect aids the skin in maintaining its optimal moisture level and effectively reinforces the skin barrier's functions.

    Hyaluronic acid

    Hyaluronic acid is an exceptional "sponge" molecule that has the ability to retain water up to a thousand times its weight. Hence, it is an outstanding ingredient when it comes to hydration. As a biomimetic active agent, the skin readily utilizes it to maintain optimal hydration levels. Moreover, hyaluronic acid promotes collagen production, thereby exhibiting potent anti-aging properties.

    Vegetable oils

    Vegetable oils are a fantastic source of essential lipids that are highly beneficial for the skin. These lipids help to strengthen the hydrolipidic film, which reduces transepidermal water loss and keeps the skin hydrated for longer periods of time. Additionally, vegetable oils are loaded with a range of essential vitamins, minerals, and other active ingredients that provide numerous benefits to the skin. For instance, avocado oil is known to promote skin suppleness and softness by providing a healthy dose of omegas. Overall, incorporating vegetable oils into your skincare routine can help to nourish and revitalize your skin, leaving it looking and feeling its best.

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    • Boulado

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