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    Soothing Shower Gel
    Soothing Shower Gel

    Soothing Shower Gel


    Indulge in a soothing shower experience with our Soother Shower Gel, which gently cleanses the body and provides deep hydration with its sulphate-free formula.

    Relax and let go of daily stress as you enjoy the delicate scent of Orange Zest, transporting you to a comforting cloud. Take deep breaths under the shower for the full experience.

    Our formula is carefully crafted to ensure that your skin feels nourished and moisturized after every use. Perfect for those with sensitive skin, our Soother Shower Gel is gentle enough for everyday use.

    Experience a renewed sense of calm and comfort with our Soother Shower Gel.


    Deeply hydrated and nourished skin with a lingering, soothing fragrance.

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    Orange peel : Rich in vitamins E, C and antioxidants, orange stimulates collagen production and strengthens your skin, helping it fight against external aggressions, such as pollution.

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    How to use ?

    • 1

      Gentle enough for daily use.


      Apply to damp skin under the shower.


      Avoid contact with eyes.

    • 4

      Rinse off thoroughly.

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