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    Anti-Aging Serum
    Anti-Aging Serum
    Anti-Aging Serum
    Anti-Aging Serum
    Anti-Aging Serum

    Anti-Aging Serum

    15 ml

    Bring your skin back to life thanks to our Anti-Aging Serum! Enriched with Maca Root - known for its energizing properties - which stimulates cellular regeneration, it helps fight those pesky first signs of ageing. It’s like waving a magic wand over fine lines, hyper-pigmentation and fragile skin. This serum also stimulates collagen production to give your skin a more toned appearance. Is there anything that it can’t do?!

    Proven results after 28 days of use*:

    ∙ 90% of users found their skin to be softer, more supple and comfortable
    ∙ 72% of users found that their skin felt firmer
    ∙ 81% of users found that their skin was deeply moisturized
    ∙ 77% of users found their complexion to be more even and radiant

    *Test carried out by an independent external body for a period of 28 days.

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    Maca Roots : Stimulates cell renewal and collagen synthesis through keratinocytes. Tones the skin thanks to its richness in amino acids, carbohydrates and fatty acids.

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    How to use ?

    • 1

      Apply a few drops to the face and décolleté before using your day cream.

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