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    Jade Roller
    Jade Roller
    Jade Roller
    Jade Roller

    Jade Roller

    Boost your skin with our jade massage roller. Its double tip stimulates tissues and blood microcirculation, leaving your skin revitalized and refreshed.

    When used daily with your Seasonly skincare routine, the Jade Roller helps to boost collagen production, stimulate tissue, and reactivate blood microcirculation. The result is toned skin with improved elasticity, reduced tension in facial muscles, and tightened pores.

    In addition to these benefits, the Jade Roller also elevates the effectiveness of your Seasonly skincare products. Your skin will feel soothed, decongested, and rejuvenated, making this a must-have addition to your skincare routine.

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    Jade : Our Jade Roller is equipped with two tips, one of which is notched to work more deeply on targeted areas of the face. Jade is a stone known for its soothing action, its ability to eliminate toxins and reduce dark circles, while decongesting the face.

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    How to use ?

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      Massage your face for a few minutes each day to firm and tone it.


      Use the Jade Roller after applying your Seasonly serum or day care to boost its benefits.


      Pro tip : Put your Jade Roller in the refrigerator between two uses, to accentuate the decongesting effect.

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