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    Why should we all use a cleansing oil?

    Micellar water, cleansing oil, or gel cleanser, there are many options to rid the skin of makeup residues and pollution, but which one should be favored? At Seasonly, we recommend the use of a cleansing oil, it is gentler on the skin and allows it to get rid of makeup and impurities without altering its hydro-lipidic film.

    Seasonly's Cleansing Oil

    Our cleansing oil has been carefully formulated by our team to respect the skin while being uncompromising with makeup, even waterproof (say goodbye to those mascara streaks). It is formulated with Calendula oil, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Carthage oil rich in omegas 6 and 9 which protects against free radicals, and ultra-nourishing coconut oil. We particularly love its texture, which turns into milk upon contact with water, and its comforting, gentle scent.

    Can you use a cleansing oil if you have combination skin?

    Of course! Cleansing oil is even recommended for combination skin because it is gentle and nourishing. Using an abrasive cleanser like micellar water or a gel cleanser that is particularly concentrated on combination to oily skin will push the skin to activate its defense mechanism: sebum production. A cleansing oil will therefore clean the skin, rid it of makeup, sebum, and sun protection residues, all while being gentle. If you wear makeup, we recommend using a gentle gel cleanser in addition to perfect your makeup removal.

    What are the benefits of double cleansing?

    If you feel the need to deeply cleanse your skin or if you wear makeup and sunscreen, we recommend incorporating the"double cleansing" technique into your routine. This technique involves cleansing the face with a cleansing oil and then perfecting this cleansing with a gentle gel cleanser for the skin.

    Our facialists' tip: Apply the cleansing oil to the face and massage it in circular motions to detach the makeup from the surface of the skin. Add a little water to the face until the oil turns into milk and rinse the face with clear water. Then use a small amount of gel cleanser for the face, lather it in your hands and gently massage the face before rinsing the skin. If the water in your city is particularly rich in limestone and your skin feels tight after washing, use a thermal water mist to hydrate and soothe irritations.

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