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    Radiance Serum
    Radiance Serum
    Radiance Serum
    Radiance Serum
    Radiance Serum

    Radiance Serum

    15 ml

    Revitalize your skin with our Radiance Serum, your everyday companion for when you've been burning the candle at both ends and sunshine is but a distant memory. Formulated with 99% natural ingredients, this serum has a light-as-a-feather texture that is enriched with Red Schizandra Berries. These berries have the power to brighten skin that has been damaged by pollution, stress, and sleepless nights. The serum also helps to remove skin blotches, leaving you with a more even-looking complexion.


    The skin is revitalized, smoother and more radiant with a unified complexion.

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    Red Schizandra Berries : To unify the complexion and reduce redness. An adaptogenic plant used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, our schizandra berries grow wild in China's Shaanxi province, without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. They are harvested by hand in the respect of the traditional know-how and the biodiversity.

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    How to use ?

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      Apply a few drops to clean skin, and massage in before applying the Seasonly Facial Hydrating Cream.


      Can be used daily - or whenever your skin needs a boost of radiance!


      Pro tip: massage your skin with the Quartz Roller after applying the serum for optimal benefits.

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      Pro Tip: Try out other Seasonly serums to give your skin what it really really wants, day in, day out.


      Recyclable glass pack: when you're done, don't forget to recycle! The bottle goes in the recycling bin, and the dropper in your normal bin.

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