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    Konjac cleansing sponge
    Konjac cleansing sponge
    Konjac cleansing sponge
    Konjac cleansing sponge
    Konjac cleansing sponge

    Konjac cleansing sponge

    The konjac sponge, well known in Asia, is perfect to complete your cleansing routine. 100% vegetable-based and biodegradable, our sponge gently exfoliates all skin types, even the most sensitive.

    To be used with our cleansing gel or simply a little water, it allows to :

    ∙ Tone the upper layers of the skin ∙ Gently cleanse and exfoliate ∙ Remove impurities

    Very pleasant to use, our Konjac sponge does not unbalance the skin's pH.

    Result? Our Konjac sponge cleanses and removes make-up from your skin without attacking it, making it more radiant. Thanks to its exfoliating action, your skin is instantly smoother and softer.

    Available in two colours.

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    Konjac : Konjac plant fibres are used to gently clean and exfoliate the skin. They are biodegradable and therefore have no effect on the environment.

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    How to use ?

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      Recommended use : First time use, soak the sponge for 15 minutes in warm water. Next times, wet it for only 1 to 2 minutes. Lightly squeeze the sponge. Rinse off with clean water, then massage your face in circular motions. Add a little of your cleanser and massage the dry areas of your face or prone to blackheads. Rinse your sponge with warm water, squeeze without twisting, and let it hang.

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