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    Anti-Thirst Serum
    Anti-Thirst Serum
    Anti-Thirst Serum
    Anti-Thirst Serum
    Anti-Thirst Serum

    Anti-Thirst Serum

    This hydrating serum formulated with 99% natural ingredients is light as a feather and will become your new favourite.

    Enriched with acacia seed extract, it quenches thirsty skins. Watch your skin come back to life with plenty of moisture and its natural water levels restored and maintained.

    Result: Skin is purified and plumped with moisture.

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    Acacia seeds : Biomimetic active ingredient that distributes, maintains and limits water loss from the skin. Acacia seeds come from a sustainable industry in Burkina Faso, promoting the protection of this endemic plant as well as economic and human development. This deep-rooted shrub knows how to adapt to extreme climatic conditions in order to collect the quantity of water necessary for its growth.

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    How to use ?

    • 1

      Apply a few drops to clean skin, and massage in before applying the Seasonly Facial Hydrating Cream.


      Can be used daily - or whenever you feel like your skin needs an extra shot of moisture!


      Pro tip: massage your skin with the Quartz Roller after applying the serum for optimal benefits.

    • 4

      Pro Tip: Try out other Seasonly serums to give your skin what it really really wants, day in, day out.


      Recyclable glass pack: when you're done, don't forget to recycle! The bottle goes in the recycling bin, and the dropper in your normal bin.

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