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    All eyes on me
    All eyes on me
    All eyes on me
    All eyes on me
    All eyes on me

    All eyes on me

    The perfect duo to brighten up your eye contour:

    Eye Patches

    Discover the first reusable eye patches, made from medical-grade silicon, they boost the penetration of the active ingredients contained in your anti-ageing eye cream.

    Anti-ageing Eye Cream - 15 ml

    A nourishing eye cream enriched with avocado extract, formulated to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and puffiness.

    Result: A plumped up, smoother and more luminous eye contour.

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    SILICONE : Unlike the silicone found in some cosmetic formulas, the silicone used in our patches is safe for health and has no effect on the environment. It can be used over and over again.

    AVOCADO : Restores cellular functionality through its detoxifying action. It also stimulates the endogenous synthesis of hyaluronic acid and helps to repopulate the skin.

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    How to use ?

    • 1

      Apply a small amount of your anti-ageing eye cream by gently massaging it into the eye area.


      Apply the eye patches one the eye area and leave for ten minutes.


      Remove the eye patches and wash them under lukewarm water with a neutral soap and put them back in their metal box for better conservation.

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