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    Roll & Plump
    Roll & Plump
    Roll & Plump
    Roll & Plump
    Roll & Plump

    Roll & Plump

    The ultimate duo for visibly clearer, smoother and plumper skin. It contains :

    A Jade Roller Used daily with your Seasonly Night Oil, thanks to its spiked tip, it will help boost collagen production and increase blood circulation.

    Night Oil - 15ml A botanical concentrate of 14 super-ingredients that nourish the skin, repair it to awaken the radiance of the complexion. Multi-action, it relaxes the features and firms the skin.

    100% natural formula. Natural fragrance, no preservatives.

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    Jade stone : Jade is a stone known for its soothing action as well as ts ability to eliminate toxins while decongesting the face.

    Sweet almond : to sooth

    Sea Buckthorn : to repair

    Avocado : To repair

    Cameline : For cell renewal

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    How to use ?

    • 1

      Apply a few drops of your Night Oil to clean skin to smooth out the complexion.


      Alternate between the two different tips of your Roller and glide along the cheek, from the inside to the outside.


      Tip: Put your Jade Roller in the fridge between uses to enhance the decongesting effect.

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