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    Quartz Roller
    Quartz Roller
    Quartz Roller
    Quartz Roller
    Quartz Roller
    Quartz Roller

    Quartz Roller

    A workout for your face with our pink quartz roller. Take two minutes, twice a day, to tone your face contours.
    When used daily along with your Seasonly skincare, our Quartz Roller:

    ∙ Performs a lymphatic drainage to eliminate skin toxins
    ∙ Reactivates blood microcirculation
    ∙ Reduces under-eye puffiness
    ∙ Tones the skin and improves its elasticity
    ∙ Reduces tensions in the face muscles
    ∙ Elevates the benefits of your Seasonly skincare products

    Result : skin is drained, toned and lifted.

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    Rose Quartz : Made up of two massage rollers, both composed of Rose Quartz, a healing stone that has been recognized for its soothing properties in China for centuries.

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    How to use ?

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      Massage your face for a few minutes, twice a day, with our Quartz Roller to tone and firm the skin.


      Use our Quartz Roller after applying your Seasonly Serum or Day Cream, for better skin benefits.


      Pro tip: Put your Quartz Roller in the fridge to refresh your face and depuff the eye contours more intensely.

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