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    Night Repair Oil
    Night Repair Oil
    Night Repair Oil
    Night Repair Oil
    Night Repair Oil

    Night Repair Oil

    Need a boost? Your skin reaches its peak of cell regeneration during the night, which is why Seasonly has developed Night Repair Oil, a true 100% natural botanical concentrate made up of 14 super ingredients to activate the vital functions of your skin while at rest and reveal radiance. Our multi-action Night Repair Oil is highly reparative and targets dryness, pigmentation spots, lack of radiance, and the appearance of fine lines.


    Your skin will be restored to its quality, your features will be rested, your skin will be plumped, and your complexion will be brighter.

    We have selected ingredients recognized for their powerful action on the skin with our laboratory.

    By applying our Night Oil, you are promoting: ∙ The repair of the skin barrier ∙ Cellular renewal ∙ Soothing of skin inflammation ∙ The tone and suppleness of your skin ∙ The natural radiance of your complexion

    The added bonus? If your skin is dry and uncomfortable, add a few drops of Seasonly Night Oil to your day cream.

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    Sweet almond : Soothing

    Argousier : Sea Buckthorn

    Avocado : Repair

    Oats : Soothing

    Cameline : Cellular renewal

    White Fir : Tonicity

    Jojoba : Repair

    Flax : Cellular renewal

    Moringa : Repair

    Hazelnut : Cellular renewal

    Marshmallow : Radiance

    Licorice : Radiance

    Rice : Radiance

    Musk Rose : Tonicity

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    How to use ?

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      Use in the evening. Apply 3 to 4 drops to clean skin.


      Lightly massage the face and neck area.


      Leave overnight.

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      Pro tip: massage your skin with the Quartz Roller after applying Night Oil for optimal benefits.


      Recyclable glass pack: when you're done, don't forget to recycle! The bottle goes in the recycling bin, and the dropper in your normal bin.

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