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    Anti-Aging Duo
    Anti-Aging Duo
    Anti-Aging Duo
    Anti-Aging Duo
    Anti-Aging Duo

    Anti-Aging Duo

    The duo for a plumped and luminous skin :

    Anti-ageing Serum • 15 ml •
    Enriched with Maca root - an energizing super plant - our anti-aging face serum promotes cellular turnover and helps fight the first signs of aging (fine lines, saggy skin, puffiness, etc.). Thanks to its energizing, firming and light-boosting action, it prevents skin aging and stimulates collagen production.

    Anti-Ageing Eye Cream • 15 ml •
    A nourishing eye cream formulated to plump up dehydrated and tired eye contours and smooth fine lines. Its enveloping texture - enriched with avocado extract - favors cell regeneration and the elimination of toxins. This active ingredient also stimulates the skin's natural production of hyaluronic acid for a deeply plumped and smoothed skin.

    Result : Smoothed and firmed skin, plumped up eye area and reduced puffiness.

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    Avocado : Restores cellular functionality through its detoxifying action. It also stimulates the endogenous synthesis of hyaluronic acid and helps to plump up the skin.

    Maca Roots : Stimulates cell renewal and collagen synthesis through keratinocytes. Tones the skin thanks to its richness in amino acids, carbohydrates and fatty acids.

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    How to use ?

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      Apply a few drops of the serum to the face and neckline before your day care.


      Apply the eye cream morning and night by gently patting and massaging the eye contour in an outward motion.


      Pro tip : Massage the area with our mushrooms.

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