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    blemishes and breakouts

    Pimples, microcysts, blackheads, ... The skin reacts to hormonal changes, stress, and pollution, which can cause imperfections. To treat them, we have selected innovative active ingredients for their purifying and smoothing action. Our products target blemishes without drying the skin out, and also help prevent the appearance of scars.

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    It’s nice to see you here! Now that you’ve arrived on our website and before you place your order, let us tell you more about us, our ambitions & clean beauty! At Seasonly, we want to offer simple products with a clean and clear INCI list that you can purchase with your eyes closed. These products were created for real-life women, those who only want natural, efficient products that respect their skin, products that contain only what’s necessary. Our formulas are short, our products are carefully sourced, traceable and efficient, our packagings are recycled and recyclable; All of our products are carefully formulated and manufactured in Belgium with the best possible care.