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    Double Cleansing Duo
    Double Cleansing Duo
    Double Cleansing Duo
    Double Cleansing Duo
    Double Cleansing Duo
    Double Cleansing Duo

    Double Cleansing Duo

    The double cleansing duo for healthier, more comfortable skin, free of impurities.

    • The Cleansing Oil • 100 ml •

    Our silky cleansing oil is enriched with Calendula, an active ingredient with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, to remove makeup and purify the skin without disrupting its hydrolipidic film.

    • The Cleansing Jelly • 100 ml •

    This melting gel is enriched with Calendula Flower extract and efficiently removes the day from your face without causing any damage. Skin is left with plenty of moisture thanks to glycerin, an active ingredient that helps to restore the skin’s barrier.

    Result: clean, purified and more comfortable skin.

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    Safflower oil : Full of omega 6 and 9, it preserves hydration and protects the skin from free radicals (the ally of sensitive skin).

    Coconut oil : Full of saturated fatty acids, it is ultra-nourishing and fights against skin dehydration.

    Calendula oil : Full of anti-inflammatory active ingredients, it relieves, softens and soothes.

    Calendula : Flower recognized since the dawn of time for its soothing and anti-inflammatory virtues.

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    How to use ?

    • 1

      Cleanse and soothe skin with the Cleansing Oil, enriched with Calendula.


      Purify skin with the Cleansing Jelly, concentrated in Calendula Flower Extract.