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    A good face cream is one that gives your skin what it needs, without any superfluous ingredients. And with a totally clean formula, it's even better. At Seasonly, we give you all that, plus sensoriality.

    Light Up Cream
    A new way to illuminate your skin without makeup.
    38 €
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    Anti-Aging Eye Cream
    An anti-aging eye cream for a plumped and smoother eye contour.
    28 €
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    SOS Spot
    A localized treatment to fight against localized imperfections.
    25 €
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    Hand Cream
    A hand cream enriched with shea butter with an enveloping texture to repair, soothe and moisturize
    14 €
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    Light Up Duo
    An expert duo enriched with AHAs and Niacinamide for instant glow and radiance!
    58 €
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    Maskne Duo
    The duo to fight against the effects of wearing a mask.
    35 €
    Anti-Aging Duo
    The anti-aging duo for plumper, more luminous skin and smoother features.
    48 €
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    Clean and Vegan Skincare

    Clean Beauty born in Paris

    Nice to see you here! Our main is to create simple, accessible skincare products such as facial creams or facial serums for women everywhere. We are also experts in facial gym or face yoga to prevent signs of aging without botox. For that reason, we've created a collection of carefully curated face tools (gua shas, face rollers, and a few new tools). On our e-shop you can find all your essentials according to your skin type: masks, serums, creams, oils, lotions, cleansers.