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    Why you should be double cleansing right now

    Double cleansing is the first step to healthier skin. Period. It’s one of the best ways to remove impurities without damaging your skin. If you’re not double cleansing, there’s still time to change and your skin will love you for it! 

    So why double cleanse? Your skin collects impurities from environmental elements, such as pollution and dust, on a daily basis. Add to that the mask-wearing, which equals excess sweat and sebum, and the end result is more fragile skin. Double cleansing is therefore an essential skincare step that not only deeply cleanses but also rebalances your skin. Double cleansing also has the added benefit of preventing signs of aging, as it contributes to better skin cell regeneration. Convinced? Read on!

    Step 1 : The Removal Phase

    The first step of double cleansing is done with an oil - even if you’re not wearing makeup. Oils are the most effective texture at dissolving greasy substances such as excess sebum, pollution, sun filters, and make-up. The best way to describe it is that oil acts as a "magnet" to catch all these impurities. And from a sensorial point of view, face oils are so soft and gentle on the skin! 

    If you’re looking for a place to start, our Make Up Remover Cleansing Oil is enriched with Calendula, an active ingredient with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties to remove impurities without disrupting/changing the skin’s hydrolipidic film. More good news! Our Cleansing Oil is suited to all skin types, even combination, oily or acne-prone skin. The texture won’t cause more shine or excess sebum, contrary to popular belief. Instead, it will effectively dissolve oily substances hiding on the skin’s surface. 

    One more reason to love our Make Up Remover Cleansing Oil - it transforms into a soft, milky texture upon contact with water that rinses off easily. The result is clean, comfortable skin that’s plumped with moisture. Even with the friction that occurs from mask-wearing, dry, irritated skin is a thing of the past thanks to this baby.

    Step 2 : The Hydration Phase 

    A cleansing gel (or cleansing milk) is the second step in double cleansing, to continue the great work of the oil. The so-called "aqueous" phase removes any final impurities lurking on your skin that can’t be removed by oil, such as dust and perspiration.  

    Our Cleansing Face Jelly is enriched with Calendula Flower extract to remove the day from your face without doing any harm. It also contains glycerin, a moisturizing active ingredient that helps to restore the skin barrier. One of our favorite moments of the day is applying the Cleansing Jelly to our face! We enjoy its foam texture (on contact with water) that we massage onto skin in circular movements before rinsing off to leave skin feeling super-duper clean.

    At Seasonly, we like to avoid cleansing products that are aggressive or irritating because the more you strip the skin, the more “good” bacterial you take away - and we don’t want that. Without this good bacteria, the skin is more vulnerable to external aggressions, which can lead to skin headaches such as excess sebum. Talk about a vicious skin circle!

    To make life easier for you, we’ve created a Double Cleansing duo so in one simple click you have everything you need to successfully double cleanse. To enhance the benefits of your daily double cleanse, we also recommend adding exfoliating acids to your skincare routine. Click here to find out why!