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    Our facialists’ skincare routine : Ep 1 - Esma

    Our expert facialists at Seasonly transform your skin in our Skin Studios and in a selection of Sephora stores throughout Europe. But do you really know this profession that everyone is talking about? Today, we introduce Esma, a facialist at Seasonly since the creation of the brand. She confides in us about her job and shares her secrets for a hydrated and healthy skin all year round.

    Esma, can you tell us more about your background?

    That's a great question! To become a facialist and work in an institute or a SkinSstudio like here at Seasonly, you must obtain a diploma in esthetics first which I obtained ten years ago. A few years after graduating, I chose to train in massage and naturally became a facialist a little over three years ago. 

    Why did you choose to work in facial care?

    I had a lot of acne when I was younger and wandered the aisles of pharmacies so many times that I became passionate about cosmetics. It's amazing how the right product, the right routine, and the right technique can have an influence on our skin and our self-confidence.

    You mentioned acne, do you have any tips for people with blemish-prone skin?

    Cleansing is crucial. I do a double cleanse every evening with a cleansing oil and a gel cleanser to rid my pores of makeup and sunscreen residues.

    What are the daily steps in your routine that you never miss?

    I use a floral water daily to moisturize and soothe my skin, preferably with orange blossom for my sensitive skin, but I occasionally switch according to the season and the needs of my skin. I also use a weekly AHA peel to even out my complexion and reduce pigment spots. It's ideal when you've had acne.

    There's a lot of talk about facial gym at Seasonly. Do you have any tips for those who have never tried it?

    You don't necessarily need an accessory to start facial exercises but I massage my face daily with a Gua Sha, focusing on the forehead and jawline to decongest my face and reduce my frown lines.

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